The good old Wii U

The Wii U is Nintendo previous console release prior the Switch. A relic of modern times, a forgotten gem, a dark mark on Nintendo’s financial record, yet for those who had it it will remained a precious treasure, a console full of wonderful memories that could never be replaced. Thanks in large by the games it received.

Such games graced the console that they managed to put their rivals to shame. While I know the Wii U lack of games was one of its many downfalls, the ones released were a treat far better than what anyone would had wish for.


You want an engrossing, colorful JRPG with great music, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE has you covered on all angles. A racing game? Mario Kart 8 will delight you and make you despise your friends. For both a fighting and party game Smash bros. for Wii U will bring happiness and excitement to your life. And many more releases that have now been forgotten to the sands of time or ported to the switch for a second chance at life.

Such a shame really, a great but misunderstood console that not even dozens of wonderful games could have save it from its own demise; nonetheless for we who took the plunge and experienced it, it will forever be remembered not as a failure, not as a mistake but as a piece of technology that in our eyes is worth more than gold, a timeless piece of entertainment really.

The Nintendo Wii U. A name that carries weight within itself.

I say all this and yet I have shame for I’ve ignored my precious friend. Oh, the shame of it. Oh, the games that I’ve yet to finish. Xenoblade Chronicles X, Fatal Frame V, Paper Mario: Color Splash and even more that I will not mention for I’m ashamed.


My Wii U remains in the same place which it has been since many years, on the ground under the TV, under a PS4, under a Switch. I always tell myself, today is the day, I’ll finish Mario Paper, why not. Its a fun, charming game that doesn’t take too much time, or Xenoblade Chronicles X, a game I’ve played for dozens of hours, hours full of enjoyment and pleasure. To this day as I play it I keep finding something new, with a feeling of mystery; I feel as an explorer whenever I play it. Still, it remains unfinished.

Once the Wii U was being played at all times, but life happened. School, work, the Nintendo Switch comes out and many other of life surprises keep me away from my Wii U.


And yet , it remains in its place, plugged and unplugged on random occurences. Who knows, maybe this is the time I’ll come back to it. Its Halloween, the perfect time to finally finish Fatal Frame V.

Or I’ll just keep playing Fire Emblem on the 3ds. Oh well.

Do you still play your Wii U? Or have any old console you feel guilty for ignoring? Say a thing in the comments and thanks for reading. Have a hella weekend and stay cool.

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