Telling a story through music in games

Let me tell you guys a little secret. Did you know that games can tell stories through different means other than cutscenes or dialogue? Sure anyone can tell a story a la ‘Last of Us ‘ style but it takes real work telling one through its music.

Image: Naughty Dog (Sony Interactive)

Now kidding aside, The Last of us is an amazing piece of storytelling experience and by no means easily replicated or even easy to achieve.


Traditional storytelling in games revolves around dialogues between characters, cutscenes to flesh out the overall experience and setting the tone of the game, this is how most people think of stories within video games but that’s only one way of doing it.

There’s multiple games that have created mesmerizing stories through their music. People often called to mind the Final Fantasy series, The Legend of Zelda and many more classic and more recent games that manage to create a sense of depth within their worlds thanks to the sounds they hold and travel alongside your characters on their journey. Another such game that is able to elevate its experience and tell a story through its music and sounds is Flower.

Flower released back in 2009 and it may haven’t done so well as its not remembered by many.


Flower did what most games wouldn’t dare do. It did not gave you a body to control and that was a big surprised for me. Back in this time games were gritty, fast paced, made for serious gamers and here was a game full of bright colors, sunshine and without any sort of stressful situations. How nice.


A game where you are not a character but the wind itself and your only sort of action is to fly through the large fields of flowers that surrounded you at all times. It creates a sense of invigorating passion for freedom, nature and open fields. It gave me a sense of freedom which at the time I lived far from vistas such the ones it shows. Here I was receiving a story about flowers, wind and nature. How all these things don’t restrict you but welcomes you with everything they have without fear. Nature won’t harm you, flowers won’t stop you. They’ll only push you forward and let you be free to your hearts content.

I never did finish this game and the message I received may be incomplete or wrong but it is an experience that has stayed with me even after all these years. It showed me that nature isn’t stressful, its not something to destroy but to enjoy and pass through. It has given me an appreciation for nature I didn’t had before.


If this game isn’t considered a great narrative experience I don’t know what is.

Thanks for reading and if you played this game be sure to leave a comment below. If you haven’t, you can try it on Playstation 4 and be assure that you’ll have a hella good time playing it.

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