Pac-man, Chrono Trigger, Metal gear Solid, these are all classic games that defined their generation. Games that brought joy to the masses, during their bad times as well as their good. For this reason people tend to call them timeless.

For me it was Pac-man. Playing Pac-Man with friends and family used to be a common experience that left me feeling happy, as if I just had the best time of my life thanks in large by the greatest game of all time. But then why does it feel so old when I play it on my own.


A great number of these “classic” games feel this way, even more recent ones. Red dead redemption, Call of Duty 4 and Uncharted 2. They all only came out a few years ago and we can already start to feel their age. Why do they feel old? My belief, lays on their control.

By control I mean, the movement of a character, their actions and the overall way everything comes together.

The first Red dead redemption is a blast to play, a classic of its generation for many outstanding reasons that are still relevant to games of this day. Yet there’s this “feeling” that can’t be shaken off. I’m not talking about graphics (which are still good), I’m talking of the way the game plays. Its different from games of this generation, not bad but there’s something that makes it feel old. Everything comes together in a way that wouldn’t be done again.


Call of Duty 4 modern warfare, which has been remastered (and soon to be rebooted) can’t hide this feeling. The gunplay is distinctively Call of Duty, it hits every beat, yet the way the characters move and act is clunkier and not as tight as newer iterations. All these aspects are what make the game be outdated in contrast to newer iterations.


Another game is Uncharted 2. If you were to play the original release you might not make it to the finish line. Don’t get me wrong its fun, sounds great and Drake moves really well. BUT, there’s something there that I can’t quite describe. Even though it feels good, it carries a sense of age in its gameplay.
Again, these games are all classics of their genre, their time, and they’re all tons of fun. They defined the games of today. Even so, time passes and not even games can escape the curse of growing old.
Call me crazy but this makes me eager to play Red dead redemption 2 and Spiderman in a few years and see how they stack to the new games of the time. Will we refer to them as relics of the past, or will they beat the curse of age and remain standouts for times to come.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short read and leave a comment if you agree or disagree. Do you think older games have a “feel” or am I just being picky.


Havel a hella weekend and stay positive.

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