Fighting games are such a joy. Punching, kicking and even throwing energy (sometimes) out of our hands into our opponents it’s a magical thing, but enough of that let’s get into the main topic.

First of all, fighting games when done right they can be some of the best things ever, and in this case the 3ds brought some jewels to the genre, they may not be original or revolutionary but they compesate with tight controls and amazing visuals. Despite all that being true, the 3ds fighting scene never really took off, yeah we received street fighter at launch, Dead or Alive and then a bit more( which I will mention later), but we missed on a whole lot more of fighting games.

Where’s our catalogue of classic fighting games!!!

Eh Capcom and SNK. I’m talking to both of you specially, yes we got some different street fighter II versions, but that’s basically the same game upgraded many times, where’s our street fighter III, all the king of fighters versions(if you can just bring 98, I’ll settle with that), Last blade, real bout, samurai showdown all those great old fighting games. Yes I know they’re all available on the switch eshop but they can be easily ported to the 3DS, if it must then only the New 3ds .

New original games

There are tons of jrpg games on the 3ds, tons of them. Can’t some companies focus on creating new games specifically for the system , yes I know it might be highly difficult to create a new fighting style but with enough time and resources it can be done. I say this as there’s no fighting game made specifically for the 3ds that takes advantage of it’s capabilities(besides the 3d that has been sadly forgotten by nintendo). We have Tekken & dragon Ball extreme butoden but one is essentially a tech demo and the other is very!!! beautiful game which takes shares many similarities with it’s DS outings.


Street fighter IV 3ds edition, tekken 3d, Dead or Alive dimensions, BlazBlue Continuum shift II, smash Bros. for 3ds, dragon Ball extreme butoden. These are the best games of the genre on the system.

Even though i say all of this, I am completely satisfied with the games on the system. It may not have a huge library of games of this genre, but the ones it has are amazing in what they do. So if you have an itch for fighting games and still play your 3ds, do yourself a favor and pick up some of these gems.


We received street fighter IV 3ds edition, Tekken 3d, Dead or Alive dimensions, BlazBlue Continuum Shift II, dragon Ball extremely butoden, smash Bros. for 3ds

If there’s any of your favorite fighting games I missed make sure to drop them on the comments and tell me about them.


(P.S. Tekken is the best)