People tend to think of old games as clunky, slow, and they’re right do so. Some of these games are considered the best of all time. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy VII, Tomb Raider and even Mario 64 now feel dated by today’s standards. The best of all time and they can’t seem to escape the misfortunes of time.

This isn’t so much their fault as time is a natural course of every thing on this planet, games being no exception. As time passes, the limitations begins to show more and more on all technological products such as videogames that are only as current as the year they were released.

Just imagine that soon in the future Red Dead Redemption 2 will be conisdered a product of its time, you think Destiny 2 is good? Just wait for Destiny Beyond to come out and then you’ll be truly amazed.


Then, are all games destined to be dated? I’d say no. I am confident in one genre that I have personally learned to be truly timeless in all sense of the word.

Fighting games. A good fighting game is a timeless piece of entertainment just as a painting of a can of soup is of art. Here’s my reasoning.

A good fighting game won’t make you notice its feel, its looks or even how it sounds, it will only capture your mind and let you enjoy its content to the fullest without wanting to think anything else but “this is fun”.


Take Samurai Shodown, pick and choose your character and you’ll soon begin to lose yourself in its mechanics that flow naturally to your senses. Play any of its titles and you’ll soon be having a blast and be swearing your opponents name in joy and uncontrolled anger. You won’t find yourself thinking of how old the game is, how unfair it feels, only full inmersion is received by you, the player. Street Fighter II, its first edition that is remains to this day a product that can be enjoyed by the public mass and bring the same joy it did back on 1991.


Yes these particular titles could be called exceptions but I do so anyways to demonstrate that these games despite their old age remain as good or even better that on their release date. Play them today or in fifty years and you won’t have any less of an enjoyment with them.

As I write this I realize many of you are coming up with many fighting games that have aged truly awful, yes fighting games are no exception to this rule and can begin to show their age, even within their first day. Still, when done good these games can be gems until the end of times.


Mentioning the bad games is something I’ll save for another time as right now, I want to reminiscence of the good ones that’ll remain fun for years to come.

These games are and have been considered a staple of the genre, and for good reason. Their combat is revolutionary, well polished and bring a sense of understanding as soon as you get a hold of any particular character. These games have within themselves a basis so strong that even time can’t touch.


These games fundamentals are so simple, so straightforward that they’ve become ‘fun for all’, if you will. Free of unnecessary mechanics, free of complicated layers that burden most games.

Most of what I said may as well be applied to shooters, racers, rpgs and the many other genres of video games, but I am not as well versed in them so I’ll stop myself from apreciating the finer details they hold.


Thank you for reading and hopefully you enjoyed this short piece. Share your thoughts down below and disagree or agree; everything is welcomed.

Stay hella happy and have a happy Friday.

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