Fanfiction is great and you should jump on it

DPricefield!! Pricefield!!.Soryy about that, I got carried over. Let’s begin.

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At one point in life you may had read a book, watched a movie or played a game (which I will emphasize on this piece but can be applied to all the latter) and fell in love with its story, its lore or more commonly, its characters. Sometimes you may love these characters so much that you are now mildly obsessed with them, so much in fact that you want to experience their story multiple times just to keep seeing them, but at a certain point you may grow tired of doing this. Not because of the characters or story losing what makes them so wonderful but of the whole thing becoming dull as you come to experience the same thing so many times that you can lip sync alongside the characters as they say their lines. Give me a copy of Life is Strange and I’ll speak the lines alongside the characters, heck I’ll even act scenes if I given the chance.


As much as you might enjoy seeing their adventure over and over, it becomes predictable and you can’t blame it. Its not like games are supposed to change everytime we play them. Sure in this case Life is Strange is a game where you can shape the story through the many choices given to the player but even then, there’s a point where you know the story every beat and there’s nothing you can do about it.

If you’re reading this then you’ve also read the title of this article, so you must know where I’m going.


I didn’t know what this was. “Fanfiction”, It was foreign to me. It refers to non-official material created by fans of a certain game, movie, etc. There’s fan art, fan games, fan stories and more. I had read about it in Reddit group, a discussion about Life is Strange and I took a dive, and let me tell you something, oh boy oh boy oh boy I’m so glad I did. Here’s why.

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Think of your favorite game of all time, remember that moment when you had completed the game? Maybe you were sad it was over and you wanted to keep playing more of it, but maybe you didn’t want to experience the same old story again, so what do you do? Most people stop and move over the next game. Others play the game again and again and are happy to do so without caring for the repetiveness of it, but some of you get really excited and can’t forget about that amazing experience you just had and instead of moping about it, you actually do something about it and create a whole new story with these characters that you love so much and to top it off, you release this story to the world and share it with everyone. You guys are the best.

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Some of these stories aren’t that good. They are poorly written or maybe the characters are completely different to how they are or how other people picture them. There’s many of them and they’re usually written by vigorous fans.


Others are good, they’re entertaining but they may deviate too much from the original sources or the story doesn’t interest you. That’s the good thing about them, there’s a whole variety of stories for fans to read, ready to accommodate most tastes, also pretty weird tastes.

I’ve mentioned that there’s some less than good stories, some which are pretty good but may have a story that you find poorly, but there’s another type of stories in the pile. There are some stories that as soon as you start reading them you become hooked on them and can’t get enough.


These stories are so unbelievable good, entertaining and written in a professional manner where the story is so engrossing that you can’t believe someone wrote them for free. I still can’t believe some the stories I’ve found on websites such as ArchiveofOurOwn, Fanfiction and others whose purpose is to host stories made by fans full of passion.

Relating to Life is Strange season 1. Do you want to read a story where Max is a police officer and her partner is Rachel? How about one where Max is a batman like vigilante? Or maybe something that feels as a continuation of the story’s true ending where Max and Chloe go on adventures or just enjoy life. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re bound to find something fun and appealing.


(Just stay away from Amber/Price/Caulfield ships, they’re not right I say)

To finish this off, I leave you with this. If you like a game or movie and you want to see more of these characters and their story, remember there are stories written by fans who are just like you, who share they passion that you have, the love for these stories and characters that you have and feel just as you do. So don’t be afraid to dive into this great community, dive into these weird and amazing stories made for you.



If you’re interested and you’ve played Life is Strange and want to check out what all the fuss is about, you can try out this story (Their light, hope you enjoy)written by your author (me).


Thanks for reading and hope you’ve enjoyed it. Have you tried reading fanfiction before? Did you liked it, yes or no leave a comment below and have a hella weekend.

Another P.S

Pricefield is canon!

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