DLC is ruining fighting games for me

Fighting games are great. They’re fun to play, highly entertaing and rarely get dull. But even the best fighting games can get unsavory with a bad approach. In this case, DLC

DLC, a practice that almost everyone has become familiar with, is in general a good thing. A game gets more content, it gets more play time, more life and more hours of fun. Especially in fighting games where a single new character can add dozens of hours by encouraging ( In a positive way) its players to learn their movement, create strategies to beat them or plainly just have more fun. As of now, I’ve said some good things about DLC, but it can also be a bother. To be short I’ll focus on one thing. Character selection screens.

I’m picky when it comes to menus in games. So when I play a game where I’m consantly looking at its menus I want a clean, uncrowded screen that shows me everything I need. In fighting games specifically, they now have ads showing new characters, season passes and other things available for purchase, I understand that, not a problem. Companies want you to buy their content, makes sense. What drives me crazy is seeing those characters showing uncolored, locked, or just there with a $ on top of them reminding me that I can’t use them.


Dragon ball Fighterz is one of many. I love that game, the way it sounds, looks, plays and feels. Its just great. Yet I’ve only play it for about 3 or 4 hours. Why you ask, let me tell show you.

Begone scoundrels, you’re not mine yet

That is something that I can’t tolerate, a reminder that I still haven’t bought them. I mean I will but just not yet.

I’m not saying games shouldn’t have dlc, but it can be done better. Take smash bros, Ultimate for example.


You see any locked character in there? There’s none. There’s a reminder in the main menu but its not constantly reminding me to buy Piranah plant.


Fighting games are my precious things, and I want to enjoy them, but dlc isn’t letting me. I want to learn their intricasies, play them and get angry at them, but not because of the character selecction screen, but because people keep beating me or spawning the same moves over and over again.

I just hope companies can better their dlc advertising approach in a way that it doesn’t affect players enjoyment.


Do you agree with me, or is this only me nitpicking at games?

Drop a comment below and share your opinion. If not, have a hella day fellow reader. Thanks for reading!

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