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Comparing movies to games is not fair

Movies are an inviting source of media, one that pulls its audience into its world and entices with its story and characters, videogames are like that but multiplied by a bzillion.

Videogames are an inviting source of media too, they create worlds for us to explore, riddled with deep and profound journeys that more often than not are intertwined in troubles out of this world, or they could be focused on simple affairs where not much occurs. The main character could be a kid looking for his home, a cowboy killing other cowboys or a soldier who’s destiny has chosen him/her as the new hope of the world if not the galaxy. Serious or not the journey is often full of stories outside your main path, expanding your understanding of characters and enrichening your mind. Whatever it may be, videogames have such aspects that as every media; books, comics, fanfics, and movies included, but that comparison does not go a long way.


Videogames aren’t moved by characters and story alone; music, gameplay mechanics, sound, visibility, replayability and more are the intricate factors by which videogames are governed. Because of these many features is that videogames are far more complex beasts by nature than movies, not to say movies aren’t complicated in their composition but require less components for their creation than the hundreds of aspects that games need for their pure enjoyment.

Videogames need not only to grab your attention, they need to grab it and keep it for the dozens of hours they span throughout their journey. Mechanics need to be refined, sound has to fit and elevate simple actions that would otherwise be tedious, combat is set by necessity to be fun, simple and enjoyable to not bore players. If one of these components were to be anything less than fun it can be enough to bring the entire experience down and because of that, give a lesser experience overall.


How tragic. Movies which are difficult, and time demanding products are composed by dozens of parts, part where perfection is not needed. Most movies only have two or three refining parts and those alone are enough to carry the two hours which are common for films, unlike video games where anything less than five hours is considered a blasphemy, an insult to the money of consumers who are expecting their money’s worth. Video games where a single bolt of a machine can be enough to shatter the whole concept in a single sweep and exterminate any future enjoyment for its one failure.

How is this fair? Comparing movies to games, movies that only spam single hours of enjoyment where games must offer dozens if not hundreds of hours. Movies which only need one redeeming factor against the hundreds of components and parts fuse together to create a single experience that must be extended hours beyond any movie has ever done so.


Then, how is this comparison fair?

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