I don’t know who they are but I’ll take them

Oh look Hyriu the baddass ninja from Strider here, along with a bunch of other ninjas who I’ve seen but I don’t know.

This is a sentiment that I have been getting the more I play Project X Zone 2.

Project X Zone 2 is a sequel to Project X Zone (as you can inquire), a video game collaboration between Sega, Namco Bandai, Capcom and Ninendo. This is a turn based, strategy game where you move your units to attack enemies. This is a crude way to desribe its gameplay mechanics, but it is done intentionally. I’ve only played beyond the prologue missions and so I cannot accurately describe the gameplay in a detailed manner.


And so I will try to share my sentiment on why this is such a great game, despite my short time with it.

Confused but amused at the same time

Seeing so many japanese characters from so many different series together is a blast. Seeing Yuri (Tales of Vesperia) beat up dimensionals monsters alongside Chrom (Fire Emblem) is awesome and does not get old. This is mainly due to the great work that Monosolith Soft has done in recreating such characters in a way that their appeal is not only accurate but even surpasses their original outing. The Mishima family may be out of their comfort form (2D art I mean), but that doesn’t retract their essence. Jin’s hatred towards his ancestors may be the same and the same goes for his cloths but this pixel art does give it a new coat of life.

Look at that! You have to see it on motion


The animation I’ve seen so far is astounding. Each and every one of the attacks is displayed fluently. As one attack ends and the next one begins you can see how the developers really put effort in making all animations look coherent when use in any combination. Although one big highlight are the special attacks. These attacks show a short animation of a more detailed view of the characters in action, since they aren’t used all the time they are a nice bonus you could say. Other such displays is the use of support units who display a similar animation that deals damge to enemy units when use in battle.

The japanese dub on this game is either great or horrendoues, depending on your opinion of japanese language. If you’ve seen anime you’ll have an idea on what to expect. I found it rather good. Not every piece of dialogue is voiced, and I believe that was a concious desicion, since having everything voiced can be a bit annoying and expensive on the developers side. Being able to hear the characters voices and then having to read text is in my opinion, a great way to do it. Since I just heard their voice I can already use it on my head while reading.


Yes you should be sad about it

This game did not made a huge dent in the sales department but it has at least earn the love of the ones who play it, and these people have experience something truly good. If sales were enough to cover development cost, a switch entry could be feasible (If so please include bayonetta while they’re at it).


And to end this opinion, I will say that Project X Zone 2 is a wonderful game made for both veterans who know all these characters and for newcomers who know nothing of them. I will hopefully finish this game and be back to write if Project X Zone 2 was able retain this wonderult feeling.

And if you hate that feeling of being lost as I stated at the beginning, don’t worry. This game includes a rather extensive library containing a bio of each character, enemy and npcs. More than enough to familiarize yourself with the whole crew.


Thank you for reading this and if you hate this game or love it as i do, be sure to drop a comment below.

Until then, be hella cool.